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When you want to ask a question of a database, you must first create a query. In MarketWide, tasks and queries are created using modules such as TouchPoint, Analyzer, Exports and QueryBuilder. A query is constructed by selecting a table or a view, specifying a filter, and depending upon the application, adding dimensions, aggregate functions, sort options, and/or an output filter.

Once constructed, you may save your query as a permanent report. The execution of a query and the data it produces are collectively referred to as a task. If you would like to move multiple tasks at the same time, hold down Ctrl while clicking on the desired tasks.

To minimize the Tasks pane, click the double arrow button (  ) in the top right corner. To expand it, just click the same button again.


The MarketWide Task List

The MarketWide Current Task Folder
Current tasks show all recently ran tasks. They are located beneath the tool bar in the main MarketWide window. Using the Tasks list, you can identify a task's name and type, whether it is a scheduled Item, the date and time it ran, and its status (Active, Complete, etc.).

Like email messages, tasks are displayed with an unopened envelope icon until they've been opened. A task will remain in the main window until archived or deleted; however, queries are deleted after being opened, unless they are saved manually.

The MarketWide Archived Task Folder
Clicking on the archived folder allows you to see the tasks that have already been placed there. You can create sub folders under the Archived folder. Plus, a folder that you have created can be renamed or deleted at any time; however, you cannot delete or rename the main Archived folder. 

Moving a current task into Archived is as easy, just drag and drop the task onto the Archived icon. You also have the ability of creating a folder in archived, by simply right-clicking on the archived task list, select the option for new folder and giving the folder a name. 

The MarketWide Email Task Folder
Email Tasks are specific to showing details for the SendEx module. You can access the window by clicking on Email under the Tasks window found on the left in the MarketWide main window. Here, you can see the status and other pertinent information for your SendEx. 

The MarketWide System Task Folder
System Tasks is an expandable list of the refreshed system tasks on the host. You can access the System Task window by clicking on System under the Task window found on the left in the MarketWide main window. To be seen this must be enabled by your administrator.

Opening Tasks to See the Results

You can open completed tasks by double-clicking on the task in the task list. You may also choose to cancel running tasks from the task list by right clicking over the task and selecting Cancel. Once a task is completed, MarketWide can do one of two things:

Automatically display the result as soon as it returns from the database
This is the default behavior. As soon as a TouchPoint, SendEx, Query or Analyzer report is finished, MarketWide displays the results. The icon in the status column will show an envelope with the words Complete next to it when the query has been completed.

Show that the query is complete in the task list without showing results.
MarketWide can indicate that a task is complete without opening the results. The task will show a closed envelope, since the query is finished and you have not seen the results. When you want to see report results, either right-click a task and choose Open or double-click directly on a task.

How to Open Task Properties

  1. Right-click on the task.
  2. Select Properties in the menu.
  3. In the Summary tab, expand the Internal Result Set(s) by clicking on the plus sign.
  4. If there is only one result set, click the hyperlink to see the results.
  5. If there are two or more result sets, you will have to expand the plus sign for each one and click the appropriate hyperlink.
  6. In the Message Log tab, you will be able to see all the types, the time-stamp and source for the selected task.

In the Task Properties dialog box, you can also choose one of the following options::

    • Save the task properties details in a text file.
    • Refresh the task properties.
    • Email the task properties details to a recipient.

Canceling Tasks 

You can cancel tasks from the task list at any time. 

To Cancel a Report from the Task List

  1. Highlight a task in the Task List.
  2. Choose Edit > Cancel from the menu or click the Cancel ( ) toolbar button. You may also right-click on the task and select Cancel.

Checking a Task Status

Probably the most visible function of the Task List is that it shows the status of tasks. Each status has a different icon denoting whether a report is waiting for input, running, complete, or if an error occurred. Each icon also has a corresponding verbal task status in the 'Status' column in the main window. The following table describes the status indicators you may find in the task list:





The task is currently running.


The task is queuing up to run.



When the task is running, the database is processing your query.

Complete - closed envelope

The task completed and was not viewed.

Complete - open envelope

The task completed and was viewed.

Warning - closed envelope

This task was completed but there was a warning and the task was not viewed.

Warning - open envelope

This task was completed but there was a warning and the task was viewed.

Error - closed envelope

An error occurred and the task was not viewed. See Viewing Errors in reports for more information.

Error - open envelope

An error occurred and the task was viewed.

Canceled - closed envelope

The task was canceled and was not viewed.

Canceled - open envelope

The task was canceled and was viewed.


An unknown action happened in the task.

Interactive Complete

The interactive query is completed.

Interactive Error

The interactive query had an error.

Interactive Canceled

The interactive query was canceled.

Viewing Query Properties

You can view a task's properties at any point, whether the report is pending, running, or complete. These properties show a query's statistics while the query is running, including the time and date the report was submitted, any errors, and the SQL code for the report. Additionally, you can open result tables simply by clicking on their name underneath Internal Result Set(s)To view the query properties, use the Properties () dialog. 

The Query/Task Properties Dialog

The following table describes the options and features found in the Query/Task Properties dialog. 



Summary Tab

Displays the statistics as to whether the report is pending, running, or complete, the date and time the report started and completed, and the total report time. You can click on the blue link of the report name to open the report and view results.

Message Log

Outlines steps MarketWide executed to run the report. Any errors during processing are displayed in the Details tab. See Viewing Errors in a Task for more information.

Saves the open dialog of the Query Properties dialog as an HTML or text file.

Refreshes the Properties window to display the most current data.

Opens an email message addressed to the MarketWide technical support staff. Information from each of the Query Properties tabs is automatically included as attachments. This convenient feature allows you to quickly send the necessary information to technical support.

To View Query or Task Properties

  1. Highlight a task in the task list.
  2. Choose File > Properties from the main menu.

Time Saver

You can also right-click a task and select Properties () from the pop-up menu to open the Properties dialog.

Viewing Errors in a Task

When a task fails to run, Task List displays an error icon and Error appears in the status area. See the icon table under Checking a Task Status topic earlier in this section for more information. 
If you view the Task Properties dialog for the task, the Message Log dialog shows where in the query process errors occurred. Once you have viewed the report errors, you can either open the report and fix the error or automatically send the error information to DSI's technical support staff

To Email Error Information to Technical Support

  1. In the Task Properties dialog click on the Email () toolbar button. An email message opens automatically in your email software with the technical support address in the address line.
  2. If you wish, you may enter a message in the email.
  3. Send the email message.

To Open a Report from the Task Properties Dialog

  1. In the Task Properties dialog click the Summary tab.
  2. Click on the blue link with the report name to open the report.

Deleting Tasks 

Even if you close MarketWide and log off, tasks remain in the MarketWide main window until you delete them. Reports will continue to run if you are logged off as well. A task listed in the Task List only represents an instance when you ran a report, and not the report itself; therefore, if you delete a task in the main window, the reference to the report is deleted, not the report itself. You may open the report and rerun the task. If the data has changed, the task results will be updated.

To Delete a Task

  1. Highlight a task in the Task List.
  2. Choose Edit > Remove Task from the menu or click the Remove Task toolbar button.
  3. When asked whether you are sure you want to delete the task, click Yes.

Time Saver

You can right-click a task and select Remove Task from the pop-up menu or highlight a task and press the Delete key to delete a task. You can delete more than one task at a time by holding Control and clicking the individual tasks you wish to delete, then pressing the Delete key.

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